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Metal Finishing
Metfin Compound
Metfin compound are developed for all Metals. Merfin compound are chemical blends on concentrated liquid or powder Chemical agents to be used in vibratory and centrifugal deburrring machines.
Mass Finishing Operation where parts are being deburred & finished with abrasive media & water, a suitable compound allows better control of the process and can enhance the cutting action.
Using our METFIN Media and Compound you can achieve good deburring and luster finish. At the same time it will reduce process time & become more economical. It gives good surface finish for your components & protect the media from being consumed.
  • All the METFIN compounds are developed for Tumbling, Vibratory or Centrifugal deburring machines.
  • Recommended concentration is 10 to 20 gms of METFIN compound in per liter of water together with appropriate media. Operating parameters for optimum results may be needed to establish by the customer by trial & error for their particular finishing requirements.
  • After each cycle, must use fresh water & compound which will give you a better and faster result. Also, if the media is reduced, must load a new batch of media. This will give fine cutting action and saves the process time.
  • None of the METFIN Compounds does not damage the rubber or polyurethene lining of your barrels. None of our METFIN Compounds does not give any harm to your skin or body. It is biodegradable.
  • Our packing comes in 30 and 50 kgs. METFIN compounds have a shelf life of minimum 1 year. METFIN compounds has no toxi fumes and not hazards in handling.
  • In case if you have any specific application, kindly write to us, we will be able to develop suitable compound to customers specification.
  • For free sample and more details write to us about your component / metal you require deburring & polishing.
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